Server News

DBD is closing on 20th May 2017.

After several years online it's with a heavy heart that I've decided to close the server forever.

This should not be a surprise I am sure as I told the moderators back in March that my circumstances had changed and I've been left with no choice. I kept it going as long as I could to allow you enough time to find somewhere else to play together.

The reasons for closing the server are that there are changes where I work which leave me with even less time so I could not develop plugins for the server any more, neither me or my children play minecraft nowadays and I think that most people prefer survival servers to skyblock and there's simply no way I have time to swap it back.

I hope you'll all understand and that your friendships will continue - You are a nice bunch of people, you're all very special to me and I wish you nothing but the best for your future. Thanks for being my friends for a while.