Server Status 2nd January 2017

New Server online.

Well, we have made the transition over to skyblock and the server is online for you. The lag issues are all gone, server is totally stable and running at a perfect 20 ticks per second

Work is continuing at a fast pace to add the cool features you all love back into the server! Watch this space!

I'm painfully aware that this website is awful, I will improve it.

Voting is back online though, so please use these links to get free Iron ore in game (make sure you're logged into the server when you vote!)

Server Status 1st January 2017

If you play on DBD this affects you.

Before I begin;

This is not intended to blame anyone or single anybody out, it is just because I want to give you all the facts so you know what is going on, and what I am doing to put it right and why I am doing the things I am doing.

Hopefully this will answer a lot of your questions and allow me to carry on with my work on the server without answering them in the chat - Not that I have a problem with that but it gets confusing when lots of people are trying to talk at the same time.

This is not a witch hunt against anybody, if you feel agrieved and want to blame anybody for this situation please blame me as it was me who handed the server over to people who did not have enough understanding to run it properly. The mistakes they made were not malicious, they were just doing thier best and I think they probably feel quite bad about it so let's not make it any worse for them. Instead get angry with me if you want, that's fine.

What's going on?

As you are aware, I accepted a proposal to transfer the management of the DBD server over to Djynth and Elan about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately things have not worked out well and Djynth has stepped down.

This is the second time that the server was transferred to new owners in it's 4 year history and I tried to protect it from the mistakes which happened the first time by maintaining ownership of the domain name so that I could take control of it back if there were any problems.

Sadly, this has become necessary and over the next week it will become effective.

DBD has been left in a critical situation

Ideally I would have liked to take a copy of the server and just move it back to my host, this is not possible though... No doubt you have noticed that the server is now unstable and is suffering from huge lag.

It was thought by the new owners that the lag may have been caused by the server hosts, resulting in it moving several times to different hosting companies. These server moves have not cured the issues.

The fact is that the instability and lag is caused by misconfigured plugins and abstraction of world maps and cheap hosting.

As well as moving the server to new hosts, some of the fundamental plugins which are used for block logging and permissions were changed during the transfer and this means that even if I just moved the server back to my host we would still have intense lag and instability.

When building DBD originally I tried to condense it into as few worlds as possible to improve performance, several of the worlds were seperated into more unecessary worlds during the last few weeks by the new owners which has been of further detriment to the performance.

I've no doubt that if I was to look at the new configuration in detail that I'd find more problems contributing to the lag, given time I could probably undo the damage but it would mean weeks of downtime because I have to hold down my job and be a father to my kids as well as look after DBD.

The server is also currently not hosted with my current host and the bill for this will no doubt be due in a few weeks so if it was left where it is then presumably it would just run out of money and close anyway.


With Dj gone, there is nobody with enough technical potential to run the server and develop the plugins except me so my choice was to either take it back or close it. I've chosen to take it back as it means a lot to me and I want to keep it online for you.

This means that the server has to be situated on my host where it used to be.

My home life is busier than ever and I don't have time to fix the issues, however in my spare time over the last few months I've been playing skyblock for a couple of hours a week and really enjoying the challenge.

If I'm going to bee around to look after DBD from now on then I want it to be something I enjoy doing.

There is going to be a theme change and reset

So for all the reasons stated above, there is going to be a reset during the next week and DBD will be reborn as a skyblock server.

Obviously as this is DBD it will be challenging and you can be sure that I will be making custom plugins for it so you'll have loads of cool things to do as I set things up.

This will no doubt be awesome news to many players who will enjoy the new challenges, but it may upset other players and that is quite understandable. I can only apologise to those who are upset by it.


Things to remember

There are thousands of Minecraft servers out there, this one is special because of the players, the unique features and the friendly and welcoming environment.

As long as the players stay, including you then none of the things above will have changed, only the map and plugins... And after all we've had 2 resets before and got better after every one! They seem bad at the time but are always a chance to do something new and cool if taken as a positive thing!

Gaming servers are transient and volatile, even big servers have map resets and theme changes and this is just part of the game, it would be great if you could take a pragmatic view like this about the reset, embrace the new challenges and see what cool stuff gets added!