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Welcome to DBD Minecraft Survival Economy Server!

Our server is unique, fun, 100% free and family friendly!

Water Gardens at Hubworld

Launched in 2013, our amazing server has evolved over the last three years from a simple survival server created by a dad for his son into one with it's own custom made plugins, amazing buildings and friendly players.

We're always making it better too, developing cool new things for you to do but being careful to keep it balanced so that players of all levels of experience can find a suitable challenge. We are also always careful not to stray away from Survival Economy so you won't find any unnecessary gimicks, just a great server which is always fun.

We've stayed family friendly, people who raid, steal or cuss are quickly shown the door so if you're looking for a safe environment we go out of our way to keep things kind and fair. The server is not run for profit, you will never, ever be asked to donate any money here and all the servers features are attainable by any player without money.

Our moderators are all responsible people, mostly working adults and always helpful and fair to others.

Play your own way!

There are loads of different ways!

You can simply join up, go to survival world and play this server pretty much exactly like you would in single player if you wish.

Alternatively you could aim to make a fortune by selling the things you mine, kill and farm. You can rank up to earn better and better privilages, there are also special survival challenges which you can do to earn money, gain elemental scrolls which can then be swapped for god items... There are loads of possibilities so you won't get bored easily!

We've set the difficulty here as being progressive, there are different challenges of varying degrees of difficulty to make it interesting for all levels of play.

Sensibly Run!

Looked after by mature adults.

Hub World at Sunset!

The server and this website are owned and maintained by a professional software developer, this means everything is kept running smoothly and that we can also develop our own plugins which you won't find anywhere else! We also take our time to do things right so you can look forward to exploring some really beautifully constructed worlds and buildings.

Promotions are only given to the most helpful and mature players, they are all earned and staff are held accountable for their actions so you can be sure that you will always be treated fairly here.

We hope that this website will be helpful for you to learn about the features of the server, keep checking back because we plan to keep adding more content to it including a message board where you can leave messages for your friends and where we can host some cool challenges.

Please browse, and we'll look forward to seeing you in the game!